Friday, September 2, 2011


Oh my, what is happening in the world of Pottermore? things have been going left right and center the last few days and are now completely out of control! We have cheaters and hostages! This is a bad time for Pottermore! Wher oh where are you? SuperPotter? our cyber Hero to save us from this misery? this chaos?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Give a Little bit of Your Love to Me

I was reading my #Pottermorefamily timeline on twitter when suddenly, out of the blue, it struck me! A new desire, a wish, an idea... Yes, it would be wonderful, I can see it, I can imagine it all happening! Oh My Rowling this is gold, this would be wonderful! Wait wait... I have to share it with my Potterheads!

Engorgio Pottermore!

When one's soul is taken from the place of the living to the magical place of Pottermore, it starts to wander and sees all the exciting things and no-so-exciting things about this brand new space! It starts exploring, collecting, brewing potions, practising spells. And when most of these things stop working, they suddenly realize: gosh it feels lonely in here! When I was back there, I could talk to my other wandering mates.


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Beauty in the Beast

After my eyes had once again looked at my last entry, it came to me that I hardly talked about what I like with Pottermore, and so this one is to you, my magical world! From the Artwork to Collecting plus the Shopping experience and more!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Give me some More, Potter!

Last night was filled with lots of movement. I couldn't bring myself to sleep and the few times I managed to slip under Morphée's cover it wasn't long until I was disturbed again. And when I woke up this morning at 6am, if there was one thing I knew for sure it was that I hadn't received my Pottermore welcome email the night before... And of course I was right.
But out of desperation, I tried to log into it on my computer... Do you think I was surprised after pressing ENTER that the page that stood before me was no other than the same old "Congratulations" message? No, it wasn't surprising in the least... And so I did what every self-respecting owlless Potterhead does, I went on twitter and complained about it...
Not an hour later, taken by a vague of hope, I tried to log in again, but this time, what came up was a page I had never seen before... It told me how to begin my journey on Pottermore and offered a link towards the bottom for me to start. Oh my Rowling! I couldn't believe my eyes! You had me, that usually exited Potterhead jumping out of his chair wake up his partner and announce the good new, only to be presented with a roll of the eyes and a head covered under the duvet!
Well too bad, this Potterhead had his ticket to Hogwarts and so he checked in and boarded for a ride on the story... (after of course shouting on twitter the (to me) glorious news!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Dripping away

On Thursday night, I was on the computer tweeting away when suddenly, I read a post saying "My brother just got his welcome email, I am so jealous". My heart stopped! Could this be happening now? After all this dead silence, could it finally be happening?  I had to make sure... And so I replied, asking when did this actually happen? what's the time showing on the email?... For a minute or two, which seemed like a day and a night to me, no answer... Come on, I am craving to know... is this happening for real? "just 16 minutes ago" the answer arrived. 16 minutes ago... Oh my, so it is truly happening... Pottermore is sending owls again! It's another wave, it's the seventh wave!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're All in This Together.

Wandering souls we are... but together we stand! I heard on twitter that some people were creating a twitter simply for Pottermore.
Really? did I think. That's absurd! Hardly anything is happening on my actual twitter, so why should I go through the trouble of creating another email address for the sole purpose of having a second twitter account, when I can already hardly manage my main one? No, not worth it, I said to myself, so let's do the next best thing: follow people who have created said account.

Well, I sure got more than what I bargained for.Just like Narcissus, barely had I had a look into the vast ocean of Pottermore fans that I fell into it and drowned. It really feels like I stepped through the mirror's glass and found myself on the other side. It's another dimension, living side by side to the world I know, well, I thought I knew.


It has now been a week since I have been waiting for the holy owl to show in my inbox. This cunning email, the key to Hogwart's school of Wizardry, the gateway between Pottermore and I.
I find it quite frustrating how uneven and unpredictable the waves of welcoming emails are sent. No-one seems to know when it is going to happen and there doesn't seem to be a specific way in which they are distributed. One would have thought that registering on day one of the quill challenge would grant them earlier access in Pottermore against other days registrant, wouldn't one? Well they couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't seem to be happening this way and one is left wandering alone, like a lost spirit on Earth who has unfinished business yet doesn't know what is awaited of it before it can move on...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pottermore, how the journey began

It was a Thursday. Usually a normal day of the week for me. Week after week, on that particular day, I go to my partner's parent for dinner. Everything seemed normal. I woke up, went to work, had lunch on that same round table made of wood, sat on chair with a cushion that has lived past its time, went back to work, walked to the bus stop and caught two bus to get home. Once home, as usual, I had a shower, changed and drove with my beloved to her parents house.

Little did I know what awaited me there... You see, I had recently created a Google+ account, and thanks to the "sparks" menu was able to have a feed of news related to my favorite subjects. Of course, Harry Potter was one of them. Once we arrived at destination, I would do my traditional greetings to Jorja's family and talk about what was new in my life, recently Google+. With a few of them around me I showed them the sparks menu and an articled entitled Pottermore was top in the feed. From the moment I had clicked on the article, I was transported into a world of pure imagination. This thing, this website, whatever it was, was a like a miracle. I asked to be left alone so that I could listen to Rowling's sweet voice in an accent that delights me. Pottermore, basically the same story with one crucial addition: Me... me... part of the Harry Potter universe... me... at Hogwarts... yes... it has become true, it has come to life. I can finally really experience what for all these years of my life I could only imagine! What a wonderful day that was...

However, you can only imagine how devastated I was that there was no more information about it, only speculations, and that the doors to Hogwarts were still protected by some anti-muggle spell, stopping us from getting to close to it. But I only had one week to wait for the site to somehow weakens its protection for an instant, for a bit, just a little, and the next Thursday wasn't as usual as the usual one. I waited and waited for the website to open, only to see sometimes magic doesn't work. It took a lot of effort for my voice to be hear so that I could submit my email to join the queue.

You know the story from that point end... the wait for the that moment where we would be given the chance to access an early account. The message announcing what was to come. Some kind of game, some kind of test...
This test, I cheated... Many of you may not know this but I didn't know the answer to the question, Google told me... and I got in, by the back door, by the doors cowards get in from... For my defense, if it matters, and I know it doesn't, my Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone copy of the book wasn't with me. It was, in it's French translation, sitting at some 8500km from where I was sitting. But you may share the feeling that NO MATTER what, I had to try, I wanted this, I'd been waiting for this and I did what I had to do to make it happen. And so, on day 1 of registration, I got my beta tester Pottermore account, with the user name you are already familiar with RoseSeer195.

Let the journey begin...

Let's give this a try

Hi guys, I've never been the best at doing blogs. I don't think I've ever done more than a post in a blog so let me give this a try, again.

If you got here, you probably followed the link from my twitter account @roseseer196 so you are expecting some Potter / Pottermore related posts.
You couldn't be more right. That's excactly what I'm gonna do! And try to keep on doing! ^-^

So have fun! and read on!